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The Retreat Academy

Ready to host your 1st retreat with unshakable confidence and clarity?

The Retreat Academy is a program designed to help you go from overwhelm to confident retreat leader in 8 weeks.

Are you...

✓ Confident in your skills as a leader

✓ A coach, yoga teacher, or someone who creates transformational experiences for others

✓ Wanting to incorporate retreats to your business


✗ You have no idea where to start

✗ You’re worried that no one will book

✗ Worried if you will be legally protected if something goes wrong

✗ Not sure how to choose the correct venue, prices and dates 

✗ You wonder if this dream is just to big

I get it. When I was in your shoes I was feeling the same way about hosting my first retreat. It felt like it was too big of a dream and too much of a process.


I understand how daunting your 1st retreat can seem, but let me tell you, it’s 100% possible for you to host your 1st retreat in a way that feels fun and fulfilling. 

You have everything you need inside of you right now! 


People are craving retreats now more than ever after the year that we just had. 

People are craving community and connection and an opportunity to disconnect from their day-to-day to connect with themselves.

I firmly believe that if hosting retreats is a desire of yours, it's meant to be yours. You're meant to host retreats in a way that only YOU can host them.



That is exactly why I have created The Retreat Academy

TRA is based off these 4 pillars:


✓ Mindset 

✓ Strategy 

✓ Embodiment 

✓ Community 


Together they result in the effects of an amazing retreat because we're going to cover all of the elements that you need from start to finish.


You have a clear, laid out a schedule for your retreat and for your unique marketing strategy, you know exactly what you're going to say, you know what your offer is, you know how to price, you've found the perfect venue for your retreat, you found people to collaborate with, you have taken into account all the legal things you need.


During the retreat, you feel grounded, at ease, and calm knowing that the retreat you just hosted deeply transformed the lives of the people who attended.

They are hugging you, saying thank you so much for this incredible experience. You feel confident and clear in all the decisions you made to get you here.

You look around and see the beautiful nature, the colors look brighter than usual, you see the smiles and you think to yourself, I can’t believe I can host retreats in a way that feels so fun and fulfilling.



That’s the reality you'll be living after The Retreat Academy



TRA is an 8 week experience for leaders and coaches who want to feel confident in their abilities to facilitate a phenomenal retreat experience.


By the end of this experience you will leave with a fully laid out custom plan, content to promote and full confidence to handle anything that comes up.


In this program you will:

  • Uncover your unique marketing strategy + messaging

  • Create a powerful vision 

  • Gain unwavering confidence and clarity around hosting your 1st retreat

  • Bust through limiting beliefs 

  • Create a custom step-by-step custom plan

  • Retreat liability waivers and insurance information

  • Personalized action steps and worksheets


✓ 5 (60) minute 1-on-1 private coaching sessions

✓ 3 pre-recorded modules which you have lifetime access to

✓ Private Facebook group to connect with other like-minded women in the program

Bonus: Email support Monday-Friday during the program


VIP option-

Full access to everything above + 

✓ 1 week of Voxer support (a free walkie talkie app to receive real-time support and coaching). You may schedule this anytime before or during your 1st retreat.


VIP: Full access to all above $997 or 3 monthly payments of $397




Limited access: all above minus 1 week of Voxer support - $800 total or 3 monthly payments of $293



This is for you if you:


✓ Want a one-stop-shop to teach you how to plan and execute a seamless retreat experience

✓ Want to take the stress and overwhelm out of retreat planning by having support from someone who has been been through the process

✓ You want to be equipped with the tools and mindset that you need to handle anything that might arise 


This is not for you if: 

✗ You believe in a one size fits all approach

✗ You don’t believe in your own ability to help people


Spaces are limited, so if you are SO ready to map out a mind-blowing retreat and be deeply supported throughout the process be sure to secure your spot by clicking the link below 💌

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