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Your Invitation to


Pink Flower Bloom

A 4 month 1:1 mentorship program for leaders and visionaries who are finally
ready toshow up in the world as the powerful woman she knows she is.

Hello and Welcome! I’m so happy you’re here.

This is a place for you to feel completely comfortable and at home. 

Imagine right now I’ve just offered you a warm drink and a place on a comfortable seat with blankets and you have your journal pre prepared, ready to feel safe enough to open your heart. I want to invite you into that experience right now. So whatever you need to do to feel comfortable, pause here and go get yourself a warm drink or grab yourself a blanket.


I’m going to ask you to use your imagination and dream bigger than you ever have before. When it comes to your business, if you were to wave a magic wand and really get what you wanted 4 months from now, what would your life look like?

Take a moment to get curious.

Now, if you were to dream even bigger what would that look like? 

Now I’m guessing if you did this exercise and you dreamed big you may be wondering if that feels possible for you or if it feels possible to do without completely burning yourself out.

Many of my clients have already tried to move toward this dream future, but have found themselves cycling into old patterns. 

That is why such an important part of my work is creating a foundation for the next up-level by healing and transforming at the root because when we heal at the root lasting change becomes inevitable. 

If we want to grow taller we must dig our roots deeper and stronger.

Spa and Wellness
Work 1:1 with Brooke
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In my 1:1 coaching program I bring together a unique combination of transformative coaching skills, intuitive guidance and personalized mentoring.  I help you create change in small, manageable ways that will create lasting results. I support you, stretch you and hold you accountable in a safe, nonjudgmental space. You will be supported, stretched and held in a safe, nonjudgmental space.

I also incorporated embodiment practices such as breathwork. Breathwork can help us heal certain emotions and trauma that are stored within the body. I find that doing work with the body is one of the fastest ways to support transformation of the mind and emotions.

If you’ve read this far and this resonates with you then I want you to know that you are probably a dream client for this program. This page has been designed to really appeal to the people I can definitely support in their next uplevel.

I want you to tune into yourself and your heart right now, based on what you've read so far and feeling into me and my energy- is this something that you're desiring for your life?

You get to start listening to your intuition right now. Taking the mind out of the equation, what is your heart saying to you?


If you just received a ‘Yes, I am ready for this’... I’m already celebrating with you! I am so excited for you and I encourage you to allow this energy to flood your system as well. 
You are making a decision that will impact how you show up in life, not only for the duration of the program, but for many years to come.

This communicates a clear message to the Universe that you’re ready for some serious up-leveling!

Here’s all the practical information so your mind can catch up with your heart

This program has been thoughtfully designed to support you at the deepest and most nourishing level. 

Program Includes:

We will meet for 3 (60) minute coaching session and 1 (60) minute breathwork session a month. A total of 12 sessions together.
Voxer (unlimited text and voice messaging app) to use outside of sessions for additional support

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