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In order for us to create lasting change we must shift our beliefs at the root and rewrite our story

The story that tells us we’re not smart, beautiful, thin, rich, etc. enough

Or that we can’t be happy until our circumstances change

Or that we won’t be loved and accepted just as we are.

Did you know that just one small experience can create a belief that can be with you your entire life?

Whether you’ve concluded that you’re not very smart or you’ve decided you’re socially awkward, those beliefs will stick because of a psychological principle known as 'belief perseverance' and you’ll filter out evidence to the contrary.

Did you know that most of your beliefs about yourself, others and the world are created before the age of 7 🤯

We create these beliefs to keep us safe, so the intention is good. However, many of these beliefs are outdated. They are keeping us stuck and manifesting the same experiences over and over again; even if it’s painful because to our minds at least it’s familiar.

What’s fascinating to me is that an experience you created a belief around may not have even happened the way you imagined it. That’s why when we do belief and identity work we don’t even need to remember the actual event. The experience doesn’t matter as much as the belief you created around it.

One place you can start when working with beliefs is to identify the beliefs that are limiting you:

✨What is the current story that you keeps repeating itself in your reality?

✨What are the beliefs you hold around relationships, money and the world?

The cool thing about beliefs is we have the power to make them work for us and not against us 💫

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