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The truth about the self-love journey...

Being committed to self-love and acceptance is not one full of rainbows and butterflies 🌈🦋

It’s the journey of radical reflection, honestly, a willingness to experiment, self-compassion, humility, patience and commitment.

It’s also the journey of freedom.

Freedom from the shackles we have put on ourselves. Freedom from the voice inside our head telling us to stay small, that we’re not good, worthy, smart or beautiful enough.

It’s the freedom to be ourselves.

✨To commit to self-love is to commit to breaking free from our own limitations

✨To choose to love yourself when you don’t feel lovable or when you feel like you’ve taken 10 steps back

✨It's to commit to doing the inner work

✨It’s to commit to looking at your fears head on and saying BRING IT ON, I’m ready to acknowledge and make friends with this fear so I can experience a new, deeper, more intimate level of love with myself and with others because I’m worth it

The thing about self-love is there is no finish line. It’s not like you receive a worthiness metal and can all of a sudden receive the love you have been craving. It’s a lifelong commitment to choosing yourself and it's the best commitment you will ever make.

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